Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict A Blow To Obama's Re-Election

Of course there is no tangible connection whatsoever with the Casey Anthony trial and the Obama administration in any shape or form. What there is however, is a psychic connection via the Carteresque "malaise" afflicting the country at its deepest roots.

There is a sense that something is wrong with the very fabric of American society, whilst this sense may very well have its roots in the economic crisis, the continuing unemployment levels, the mortgage defaults, the outsourcing of jobs, the decline of the manufacturing base, the emptying out of inner cities like Detroit the malaise extends further than the economic.

There is, and anyone who denies it need look no further than what even leftist George Soros called a tsunami in the 2010 elections, a barely controlled anger directed at government. This deep seated anger has been exacerbated because of the grossly unreal and exaggerated expectations placed on the shoulders of a more or less unknown and inexperienced politician by the liberal media. 

This had led to a feeling of betrayal by activists on the "progressive" left who should have known better but let Bush hatred and white guilt get the better of them, as well as those on the right who see their values and standards eroded and derided. in the social area as well as the economic

As a commentator said after the McGovern electoral debacle "when these things happen and one party has such a massive, unrealistic majority, then when things go wrong they get the blame down to the level of "if your wife runs off with the postman it's the governments fault". 

This is of course absolutely correct and is being reinforced even more strikingly in this mass communication age where the public have been alerted to, and discussed amongst themselves, the "Journolist" conspiracy to gloss over any Obama faults, whilst exaggerating McCain and Palin's supposed ones.

Judging by the mass of comments posted by the public in blog and newspaper forums and by leading social commentators, the Anthony verdict was a stunning travesty of justice along the lines of the OJ Simpson trial (to whom she has already been compared). This perception of a terrible injustice to a helpless child can be seen as a metaphor for the injustice to the wider social fabric and another blow to it. 

The Anthony verdict adds a heavy weight to the already substantial feeling of malaise and, rightly or wrongly, the feeling of injustice will be assigned to those in  power.

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