Sunday, July 24, 2011

Report; "Gov. Christie Casts Shadow Over Iowa". Surely He's Not That Big???

NJ (New Jersey).Com leads with a breathless story on how America, and particularly Iowa, is waiting on Governor Chris Christie to give the slightest indication that he would seek the GOP presidential nomination.

You can (if you wish) read all about the speculation and machinations here.

What caught my eye was the headline that, apparently, Governor Christie himself is casting a shadow over Iowa.

Yes certainly he is a large gentleman, and size, as president Taft showed, is no impediment to being elected. But, if he is actually of such a dimension that he blocks out the sun for a large portion of the country, there are major considerations, agriculture for example, which might preclude him running (if running were possible). 

On the other hand Paul Bunyan solidified his position in American lore in spite, or perhaps partly because of, his briodnignagian appearance, so perhaps a president Christie is possible-but he shouldn't leave everyone "in the dark" for too long about his possibly being a candidate one would imagine.

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