Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boehner Vs Tea Party Is Proxy For Coming Palin Vs Romney

Showing true patriotism enough House members the Tea Party have put its support behind the Boehner plan allowing it to pass. 

Accepting a symbolic commitment to a balanced budget constitutional amendment, and enough spending cuts to equal, more or less, the initial required raise in spending, the Tea Party members have retained their  honor and assisted with the process of letting the business of government continue. 

This without the opprobrium the left media would have heaped on them if no settlement of sorts was reached before the August 2nd deadline. Oh the media screaming hardship stories of  "old people will be left starving etc" that would have followed if no agreement was reached, with all the blame shifted from the Obama administration to the Tea Party.

Two things have emerge in stark relief, the power of the Tea Party representatives, which is derived from, something perhaps unique in political history, an emphatic determination to do what they were elected for, primarily to stop government overspending.

Secondly, with the spending cap out of the way the choice for the GOP for the presidential nomination is sharply in focus. A Romney candidacy representing  flip-flopping politics as usual, or a candidate who represents the new politics, a politics which says "this is my  platform and if you elect me I will bring it to fruition". 

That such a new politics is a reality has been shown by those honorable Tea Party representatives who, for the sake of the longer battle, supported Boehner's bill, and those honorable Tea party representatives who voted against it to show, that in the end a vote for a Tea party candidate is a "what you see and hear is what you will get vote."

One potential presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has remained steadfast to the principles of the Tea Party, i.e. cutting spending and a balanced budget. Polls of potential GOP voters show her usually in second or third place behind Romney, and polls of GOP activists show her, variously as winning in a landslide, or well ahead of the pack.

If Palin declares, on September 3rd in Iowa presumably, it would be expected that some of the support for other candidates will go to her as a declared contender and she would be, at that point, either ahead or neck and neck with Romney.

The battle for the soul of the GOP would commence on that day. If she runs and wins the battle for the soul of  America would then commence. It would be a filthy, vicious campaign by the left, and the old guard, but all the more important for that, as the foetid failed policies which has brought once proud America to the debtors table, will be exposed and ready for the surgeons scalpel.

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