Saturday, July 9, 2011

Palin Must Declare ASAP To Save GOP From Bachman/Romney Candidacy

With the media and Dem establishment pumping up Michele Bachman blatantly and cynically because, should the unimaginable happen and she received the nomination, she would not only guarantee Obama's re-election but a sweep like Reagan's over Mondale. Not because of any love for Obama of course but because the alternative would be, if that were possible, even worse.

"A Bachman nomination could, without a doubt, result in an election defeat worse than Mondale's as the Obama team would not, as the courtly Reagan did, to not unduly humiliate Mondale by him losing all 50 states, refuse to campaign in Minnesota."

I have described how what Palin has received over the last three years would be telescoped into a few campaign months against Bachman who would be mercilessly attacked, lampooned and destroyed. Various factions within the GOP have commenced this already, and the Gay community, who have a power and influence way out of proportion to their numbers, recognizes the very real threat she means to them and have girded their loins.

With Pawlenty's wimping out against Romney in the first debate, and his team's wimping out today against Bachman, he has eroded whatever capacity he had to win the nomination. The other prospective candidates are all lumped together in the bottom of the polls and into the impossible, or a joke category.

Unless the media, who are propping Bachman up, can overcome the torrent of attacks which have commenced against her from quarters beyond their control, then Romney will win the nomination easily. To what effect, apart from getting rid of the seemingly hapless Obama? 

Did the public rise up in the 2010 elections in such mass numbers, and in support of true conservatives, to have a Massachusetts Republican lite put in the White House? 

That may well happen given the state of the economy but, should things pick up, or should the media's support of Obama and his massive war chest make it a close election, the stay at home conservatives, and frankly those who will not support a Mormon, may result in the loss of an election which should be a shoo in.

At this point in time only one thing could prevent either a Romney or a Bachman candidacy, and that would be if Sarah Palin enters the lists. The media, as is their wont, have it all wrong by stating she has left it to late and does not have an organization in place. To the contrary, there is a mass team of volunteers under the Organize4 Palin banner set up and ready to go from the moment she declares. Her millions of Facebook supporters would  provide a massive money base, so that would not be a problem either.

I believe Palin has a higher calling than even her family considerations and that is, by declaring now, to firstly save the GOP from self destructing with a Bachman candidacy or losing the general election, or secondly having a RINO administration, with a Romney candidacy. Neither eventualities are something I would vote for, and I am confident many, many others would not  as well.

But beyond even those possibilities the overriding reason for Palin to declare is to serve the country she loves in its time of crisis-a self sacrifice, duty and honor I hope and trust she will rise to.
NB: For what it is worth-being an on line poll-the Useless News and Worthless Report Lib Magazine  shows that over 70% of responders want Palin to enter the campaign.

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