Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Site Averaging Over 4000 Hits a Day

Yes, this site-"The Other McCain" is getting more than 4000 hits a day but is approaching the, astonishing, 7 million mark for total hits. Even more astonishing is the fact that the blog has been going only since 2008.

However, a short number of visits to the site, run by, as they quite rightly advise, Stacy "because he's cool like that McCain and his "sidekick "because he's cool like that too" Smitty, will very quickly advise the reader (and viewer for reasons explained shortly) why the site is so popular.

It is not primarily because of, I believe, the particular political stance of the site, which is strongly conservative, any number of sites can deliver that message, but it is a combination of, in no particular order:

Hard hitting on the ground investigative journalism, an intense patriotism, a clear capacity to not suffer fools gladly, a fearless capacity to call a spade a spade, an intense anti-hypocritical attitude (especially where such creatures as radical feminism lurk) and a seemingly endless number of similar traits which would be too exhaustive on the reader to describe.

Again, if that were the sum of "The Other McCain" the intensity might go some way towards providing an explanation of the blog's success but, whilst it might not be matched in the sheer volume of the intensity traits by other blogs, many would share a considerable number of them.

What makes the blog the near unique success is the counterpoint to the intensity, which is a wonder joie de vivre, a light-heartedness, a "Brighton Beach postcard" sauciness which can, on occasion, and thankfully, wander into full blown celebration of the female form. 

This latter alone stands in stark contrast to the seeming Presbyterianism of the intensity factor, but is a delightful  explanation of one aspect the blog's popularity which McCain describes, with a wink as "how to get a million hits on your blog." 

That this advice may not work for all, as the X factor may be missing is proven by my half-hearted forays into such territory which, sadly, produced nothing of a similar volume, perhaps readers can tell when ones heart is not in it.

To me, apart from the: Page Three" girls, the contrasting intensity, the patriotism, the real key is that no matter how seemingly vitriolic, how intensely personal an attack article may be, the sheer righteous vehemence has an admixture of a grain of salt, where it has entered from the surrounding medium, that even the recipient of the barb might find it to be coated with salt, not vitriol.

Long may Stacy and Smitty reign, and rain down on enemies left and center.

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