Monday, July 18, 2011

Major Candidate Drops 19 Points In Popularity.Unpopularity Up By 28 Points

According to the cumulative tracking poll at Real Clear Politics-which is by its nature removed from bias, the Democratic Party's candidate for the 2012 election President Barack Obama has seen a massive, no other word to describe it, erosion of support.

At his highest point February 10th 2009 President Obama had a positive approval rating of 65.5%. In today's poll his approval rating is 46.3% and declining.

That is a drop of over 19 points.

Even worse President Obama's disapproval rating, at its best for him, was 19.3% on January 29th 2009. In today's RCP poll aggregate it is 47.3%-a startling rise of 28 points in his disapproval rating-and he is in the negative in his current approve/disapprove position.

If the economic situation worsens, and his economic policies on the deficit are seen to be faulty, then this continuous decline over time, at one point his approval rating was 41% and, allowing for fluctuations by events of the moment like the Bin Laden death, would seem to be heading that way again. If it falls below 40% it is quite possible that his re-election would be very difficult.

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