Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonkette's Commentators Use Allen West "the Plantation Republican" To Launch Racist Comments

Showing that the progressive commitment to a new dialogue, to anti-racism to common decency is a sham, and exposing that when it comes to supporting  the re-election of President Obama the left will play the "Uncle Tom" card against any Black politician who stands in their way, the well known leftist  Blog "Wonkette"  includes this description of Republican congressman Allen West (who represents the Florida 22nd congressional district and is described as R- Plantation") quoting a report by McClatchy;

"In his verbal explosion, the Plantation Republican suggested his beef with Wasserman Schultz began in October 2010 and “the disgusting protest you ordered at my campaign” headquarters in Deerfield Beach, West said in his email."

This because West a Republican from Florida, had the temerity to take, exception to Dem Wasserman Schulz character, and said so in strong, but dignified language.

The language itself, being alien to the ears of progressives, also came  under childish attack, but it was the disgusting flow of racist invective which the commentators threw at West, which shows the left has no shame and will use the race card to call, in effect, all Black Republicans, Steele, Cain, and West as examples, "Uncle Tom's" and visible tokens used to mask Republican racism-when clearly it is the Dem supporters who are the racists and hypocrites. 

Wonkette is of course infamous for their disgusting attack they levelled against Sarah Palin's mentally challenged son Trig for which they lost nearly all their sponsors and had to make a craven apology-hopefully the same will follow their latest piece of  posting disgusting. 

Just Some remarks from Wonkette's commentators:

"Oh, Jesus Christ. This tool owes his election to the GOPs desperate attempt to find as many "black friends" as they can. He makes Michael Steele look like a friggin' Nobel laureate. "

"Suddenly my attitude toward lynchings has experienced a certain softening..."

"Being a black republican is one long stint of disrespectin' yourself. No wonder they are always in such a snit."

"It was preferable to his preferred moniker, "House Nigger."
"The fact that there's actually a town called "Plantation", in 2011, is yet another bit of proof that the Southerners claiming they just support "their heritage" and not slavery is total BS. And no Mr. West, you can be the best house negro ever and they will still think you're inferior."

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