Thursday, July 14, 2011

Insane "Political Gates" Site Has A Home Made "Palin Fake Pregnancy Suit" And Accompanying Video

That the anti-Palin "Trig Truther" bloggers are insane, beyond all doubt, is shown by this "home made pregnancy suit" and theatrical video, from Political Gates showing a person "portraying a well known former Alaskan Governor".

That  somebody would go to the time and trouble to act out something, which a psychotherapist might prescribe as part of some weird internal to external release of mental demons, is astonishing. That a site could be set up whose sole purpose seems to be to denigrate, ridicule and if possible destroy someone most, if not all of the participants have never met, and will never meet, is incredible.

The madness is only exceeded by the sheer juvenile attitudes of the blog readers. I had the unfortunate experience of allowing readers from that site to comment on this blog, and what ensued was the most crass, foul mouthed, shameful load of utter rubbish I have ever seen-an experiment I won't ever repeat. If they descend on this site they will be quickly ushered off so they shouldn't waste their time trying.

What these poor benighted souls will do if Palin does not run (probably transfer their neuroses to Bachman I guess) is a mystery. Society may in fact benefit by their Palin obsession, as who knows what they might get up to without Palin to take up their time and energies.

Anyway, if in search of a laugh, if a professional in the psychiatric area, if a student looking  for a doctrinal subject, viewing this fake pregnancy suit and video will give you  something to ponder. My theory is that there is a deep seated psycho-sexual problem, with the Trig Truthers, which is similarly, and most certainly clearly, manifested in the liberal element.

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