Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That Was Quick! "Bachman's Rise And Fall" Advise Beltway's Cohn & Clift

In a new column from Washington insiders Douglas Cohn and Eleanor Clift they advise that Michele Bachman's presidential campaign, of just a few days duration, has been sent to the dustbin of history .

The Beltway media have not even waited for Bachman to drop off in the polls before announcing her political demise, like other media meteors, e.g. Trump and Cain who burned brightly, assisted by a press rapacious for readers. 

Cohn and Clift have got stuck straight into her, discovering Bachman's numerous wild past statements, her current gaffes, and the baggage her husband brings-none of which was apparent to the media who announced her, after one debate, as the GOP's new star, the eclipser of Palin and the main challenger to their anointed Romney.

They now see Bachman in a new light which, since in a recent poll she was within the margin of error of Romney, is not in the least surprising-to whit:

"Bachmann performed well in a debate in New Hampshire earlier this month, but she has a history of making off-the-wall comments that in ordinary times would disqualify her from being seen as a serious contender for the presidency. But these are not ordinary times, and Bachmann's spirited style and often willful disregard for facts plays well with tea party Republicans even as more traditional Republicans fret that her candidacy could be a train wreck for the party.

There have also been questions raised about her husband's counseling business which receives substantial payments from Medicaid, another big-government program Bachmann loves to lambast. Hypocrisy is not new in politics, but Bachmann is taking it to new heights, and if her rise to prominence continues unimpeded, the tea party may be following her over a cliff."

All this media nonsense, the promoting and bringing down of candidates, the ludicrous polls, is all just  dust and dross-nothing will be settled until Palin declares if she is running or if she is not running then which candidate she will endorse.

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