Friday, July 15, 2011

There Are No Beautiful Jewish Actresses

Or so my son said to me  (being of an age when beauty has particular interest for young men). I rose to the challenge and ran off a couple of names, but being of a different age, those I deemed beautiful (as so they were) were names which might as well have been from a different planet.

Who, under..lets say a certain age...remembers the, when young, wild Yemeni beauty of the  songbird Shoshana Damari, of the young Clair Bloom, Goldie Hawn from "Laugh In" days, of the exotic Anouk Aimee and the voluptuous Linda Lavin?

Not daunted, well in fact daunted, as I have lost touch with who is young and beautiful (sadly) I checked in with Wikipedia's list of Jewish actors which, helpfully, lists these actors by birth decade and advises of their Jewish descent and heritage. 

So here for my son (actually to prove I am right of course) are some selected images of female actors (I had to use actresses in the blog title to clarify-there are plenty of handsome Jewish, some surprisingly so, male actors, if one is so inclined to investigate, at the same link) described as of Jewish heritage who were born in the1960's to 1980's which should come into his mindset hopefully.

Anyway, who needs an excuse to appreciate beautiful women of any race, creed or religion? But proving an offspring to be wrong is as good a reason as any.

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