Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gawker Outlet Alters Newsweek's Palin Cover To "I'm Full Of Shit" Copyright Lawsuit Offing?

Gawker media outlet "Jezebel" runs a hit piece on Sarah Palin's feature in the new issue of Newsweek. The author a Erin Gloria Ryan has the original cover accompany her article which includes such erudite insights as "Next week's Newsweek cover features a smug-looking workout clothes-clad Sarah Palin standing majestically in front of the empty skies that represent her qualifications for President."

But what takes this example of PDS in extremis to new heights is the altered version of the Newsweek cover which has, instead of the original  quoting Palin "I Can Win" the column has al altered version with the text "I'm Full Of Shit" .

The world saw what happened to Wonkette which ran a story attacking Palin's disadvantaged son Trig-a massive flight of advertisers due to an enraged public response and a full blown apology from the editor-followed by the departure shortly afterwards of the articles author.

Given the massive resources of the Newsweek publishing group and the possible damage to their reputation by having an image which looks exactly like their real magazine being seen throughout cyberspace it would not be surprising in Jezebel and Ryan are faced with legal difficulties for breach of copyright at least.

The left-wing progressives are so caught up in their Palin obsession that they forget there is a cost to be paid if common decency and ethics are breached-they will suffer the fate of self destruction and loss of income as did Wonkette.

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