Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Charity Work Is So Rewarding It's Almost Selfish To Be So Privileged

The last four years working for NGO's-charities specializing in development work (a hand up rather than a hand out) has been the most rewarding of my life. After over two years with World Vision I have been with the Leprosy Mission (over 5 million affected with this disease in some fashion across the world) to which, being a smaller NGO I have been able to add some value from a lifetimes experience. Privileged

The concept of working with local ethnic communities to assist them to assist their countries of origin whilst being integrated into the local community through charity work has had some considerable measure of success. It has been my hugely enjoyable experience to attend numerous ethnic community cultural celebrations/National days etc where the hospitality has been unforgettable.

The media, both ethnic and English language, report on this from time to time-here is a recent example.

Manning an information stand at The Chinese New Year Function
With a Nepalese community leader at their National Day Function

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