Thursday, July 14, 2011

Media Has Nothing To Attack Palin About Anymore So Latest Is "She's A Has Been"

Clearly the media's 24000 email insanity has been a major turning point in their seemingly endless campaign against Sarah Palin. The ridiculous spectacle of major news outlets sending whole teams to Alaska to sift through emails from her term as Governor, puffing  up the astounding revelations they were sure to find and the finding nothing has utterly deflated the leftist media and made them  look fools whilst totally vindicating Palin's complaints against "the lame stream media'.

Not only has it destroyed the theme "Palin plays the victim" but it  has been of major benefit to Palin as the emails showed a hard working Governor who was efficient and able to reach across the aisles-a total refutation of the image the media had so assiduously worked on for three years.

Further the buffoonery of the Michele Bachman campaign has shown the public someone who is in actuality all the things they ascribed to Palin-who stands out once again as a sensible, common sense potential candidate who is, grudgingly by some, but genuinely respected by many in the Gay community and by satirists like Jon Stewart.

What is the liberal media to do now that their themes have been exploded? That they ran out of questions to ask her during her bus tour, which exploded they myth that "she only talks to Fox and is afraid to talk to reporters". 

They can, like Newsweek and some Los Angeles Times journalists, give Palin a fair and balanced platform-but this is still the minority. What their latest theme is, now that they have run out of  made up scandals and misquotes, outright lies and distortions is to dismiss Palin as yesterdays news, "a has been" of no relevance.

That this could not be further from the truth means little to the media, especially the blatantly "progressive" denizens. That Palin had an enormous influence on the 2010 elections, that she would have enormous influence on the 2012 elections whether as a candidate, king maker and campaigner is indisputable. That Gallup has this to say about Palin has escaped the leftist media.

Sarah Palin Evokes Strong Emotions Among Republicans

July 12, 2011
Sarah Palin Evokes Strong Emotions Among Republicans
Sarah Palin remains a formidable presence among Republicans nationwide. Her current Positive Intensity Score of 15 ties Mitt Romney's, trailing only Herman Cain's and Michele Bachman's scores. Further, her 25% strongly favorable rating is the highest of any candidate tested.

The leftists state that nobody pays any  attention to her Tweets or Facebook posts but the fact that Yahoo shows there were 515 news articles about her yesterday escapes them in their cloistered world.

That they are reduced, in their impotent rage, at having no scandals to report (except, insanely, her "getting the price of Slim Jim's wrong") or nothing about her or her family to denigrate, to saying, dismissively "We already know everything there is to know about Sarah Palin" which means she is the ideal candidate for 2012 as she is Teflon and can deal solely with the issues. They are reduced to raging against Newsweek, as Larry O'Donnell did, for them to have the temerity to write anything positive about her..

But the best example of this impotent rage is Paul Waldman at  American thinker "Sarah Palin Will Now Begin To Fade Away": Paul Waldman The American prospect "Palin's game is one you can only play for so long. Once it becomes clear you aren't actually running, people lose interest. About eight months from now, there will be a Republican nominee for president.In fact, I'll go so far as to predict that this issue of Newsweek is the last time she'll appear on the cover of a news magazine. Ever." 

Well I wonder if Mr. Waldman is willing to put his money where his mouth is-if Palin announces, as he is so sure she will not, I think not only will he look a fool, but if he wants to make a bet I would be happy to send the magazine cover with the bill.

All this is leftist dribble is dross and if Palin announces,and Bachman, their latest puff candidate, collapses we will see who is yesterdays news amongst the progressive media.

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