Saturday, July 16, 2011

"It's Like Our First Team Is Standing On the Sidelines" N.H. Voter waiting For Palin/Perry/ Giuliani To Announce.

The Los Angeles Times, which admittedly has, of recent times, been comparatively fair and balanced when it comes to prospective GOP candidates-especially Sarah Palin, (guilt for past bias?) has a substantial article on Rudy Giuliani,who is currently on a tour of New Hanpshire.

The article contains an interview with Giuliani where his past campaign, which was a poorly thought our affair, his possible run in 2012 " he has given  thought little about whether he will enter the 2012 race" but is leaving his options open "based on whether any of the candidates can beat Obama".

I have expressed the belief that Giuliani would be an ideal VP candidate for Sarah Palin bringing so much to that team as regards experience, executive management, foreign affairs experience, business management andof course respect. 

This viewed was shared by GOP activists-he ran away with an on line poll I conducted on who should be Palin's VP pick when experienced potential candidates were considered.

What stood out from the article however was a quote from a 73 year activist who came to hear Giuliani and who had supported him in 2008;

"And there are clearly some voters who share that view, like Jack Hughes, 73, who volunteered for Giuliani's effort last time.

Hughes and his wife, Joanne, who attended Giuliani's New London drop-by Friday, said they were unimpressed by the choices and were waiting for entries by Giuliani, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"It's like our first team is standing on the sidelines," Hughes said. Though he spoke glowingly of Giuliani's efforts to clean up New York — which would be central to his campaign — Hughes said he and his wife were disappointed by Giuliani's last campaign. "

Mr. Hughes shows the wisdom of his age and his long time in politics with this observation that the "heavy hitters" have not yet come up to bat-particularly Palin without whose decision, one  way or the other, no realistic assessment of who is going to get the nomination can be made. Should she decide to run  a Palin/Giuliani team would be formidable in 2012.

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