Friday, July 15, 2011

Surprise! New York Movie Reviewer EDELSTEIN Of New York Magazine Pans Palin Movie

David Edelstein movie reviewer in the New York Magazine gets one thing right in his review, or rather butchering of the movie on Sarah Palin "The Undefeated".

"Second, our presumed ridicule will be red meat for Palin loyalists, paid and unpaid, who’ll be spurred to come together yet again in the face of a common enemy."

After expressing puzzlement as to why the movie would be screened for reviewers in New York City-a, to me, tacit admission that nothing that flyover country does or says would ever pass muster amongst the liberal East Coast media, especially where Jewish journalists, who formed the backbone of the "Journolist" Obama loving, Palin deprecating 2008 campaign attack phalanx reside. Edelstein is true to form, he eviscerates Palin, of course, the film, the producer, the commentators who support Palin in the film, especially Breitbart.

In an act of pure unselfish martyrdom, which I can believe, as I can't imagine anything more difficult for a New Yorker than to hear two hours of conservatism emanating from an America which is viewed as in a hazy mist somewhere across the Hudson, Edelstein managed to sit through the whole movie,"I swear I gave The Undefeated a chance, because who wants to writhe in agony for two hours? "

But apparently the two hours of torture were too much for whatever tiny bit of bi-partisanship, or even fair minded suspension of bias Edelstein might have possesed. You can, if you can sit through paragraph after paragraph of liberal bias and condescension, read the entire screed here but if you can't the final sentence will suffice to give an overall impress of New York journalism, where conservatives, especially Palin whom they hate with a bitter deep seated hatred exceeding all logic, are concerned.

"The problem is that Palin is the most sheltered of all modern political candidates, fearful of holding a simple press conference, ever-protected by the friendly folks at the Fox News Network. Trying to make her look fearless while omitting anything that could ding her mask of righteous certainty, The Undefeated makes Sarah Palin look eminently defeatable."

This is of course a terrible distortion. The writer knows, surely, that Palin is contracted to Fox and can't, as even Jon Stewart acknowleges, visit other media. He knows, surely, that during her bus tour "the reporters ran out of questions to ask her" she answered so many. But PDS, logic and bias have no place in the lefts, especially the liberal Jewish element for outdated "tales learned at grandad's knee' reasons, never ending quest for Palin's destruction.

NB:Some smart-aleck commented that Palin's movie "opened to an empty theater" but didn't advise that the left wing reporter went to a screening at 12:01 a.m. on a Thursday morning when of course nobody would attend, or that theaters are pre-sold out-utter PDS bias again.

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