Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unholy Lib/Beltway Alliance Will Unleash Last Ditch Ferocity Against Palin Next Week

The movie about Sarah Palin's tenure as Governor "The Undefeated" will launch nationwide on July 15th.There is under way now a massive support effort by Palin's followers to ensure the fullest response possible.The week will make or break the "unholy alliance" of leftists, particularly the liberal media allied with the Beltway denizens, who see Palin as a threat to their values and their support of Mitt Romney.

In some ways what is happening is similar to the so called "Arab Spring" where a grass roots mass movement has taken on the establishment and, in some cases, brought it down even though entrenched for decades. Yes, the alliance has every right to feel threatened as they are up against a person with a Facebook following of over three million, and massive potential resources in  on the ground activists and money.

The alliance, especially the media aspect, grossly over reached and over played their hand with their ludicrous pursuing of the Palin emails. This turned out to be a disaster as it ruined their themes and gave huge credence to Palin's complaints of media distortion-and in fact persecution.

The shortly to be released movie is a further blow to the media's campaign as it shows, as did the emails, a highly competent, engaged administrator who could reach across the aisle, whilst taking on entrenched forces.

If the movie gets traction then the media will have run out of bullets and Palin will be effectively Teflon should she run.

It is obvious even to Blind Bill, that the media has pumped up Bachman, whom they would destroy utterly if she somehow got the nomination, as a mechanism to keep Palin from running. 

Unfortunately for them Bachman is doing an outstanding job of destroying her campaign with ludicrous statements, fluffs, and pledge signings (the latter having energized the Gay community against her). However they will continue as best they can with that leaky vessel, whilst putting everything into next week against Palin to dissuade her not to run and deflate her supporters.

Next weeks Alliance activities will include:

1. The worst possible reviews of  "The Undefeated" by professional critics, and of course the ensuing comments section will be swamped with negativity.

2. Polls will come out (their has been a noticeable dearth of them in the last week, but there will not be in the following weeks) which will purport to show that Bachman is so far ahead of Palin that it would be a waste of time for Palin to even consider running as she is "yesterday's news".

3. Texas Governor Rick Perry will be pumped up as the next shiny object/GOP saviour whose entry into the campaign, should it happen, would also sound a death knell for Palin they will advise.

4. The social satirists, late night talk show hosts, will mount a vicious anti-Palin campaign. It is noticeable that the mass media liberal cartoon "Doonesbury" has started this already.

5.The liberal blogosphere will criticise any aspect of the movie they can-if a theater is not 100% sold out they will jump on the fact.

6. The Beltway media commentators will sound Palin's death Knell in concert with the overt progressive outlets like Politico.

Those are just some of the activity to be expected from the unholy alliance next week to try and persuade Palin not to run and to bring her supporters down. In this attempt they will, as they have so often in the past, fail miserably, as they are totally out of touch with the depth of massively loyal support that Palin has.

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