Sunday, July 10, 2011

Palin Is RAAACist For Saying Obama Is A "Sugar Daddy"

That PDS could hit even higher heights of absurdity seems impossible, and yet it does happen. A site
"Political Byline" is so PDS afflicted that they determined the term "Sugar Daddy" which Sarah Palin used in describing President Obama's failed economic polices, (Sugar Daddy runs out of sugar) was a racist attack.

That it is a common phrase clearly understood by anyone with half a brain to mean a wealthy man who keeps a mistress or girlfriend in a luxurious lifestyle, and has no racist connotations whatsoever, totally escaped the author who saw it as  "dog whistle  racism". Here's what appeared before public outrage forced a correction, and now appears with lines throughout the whole paragraph.

However, the term, “Sugar Daddy” is a term to represent a man who is very well off money-wise and is using it to finance prostitutes. The term itself, originated in the black community.  The other word for it is,  “pimp.” The term, “Sugar Daddy,”  originated in, and is commonly used in the, yes — you guessed it — the black community.

But-doubling down on the idiocy he goes on to state that Palin somehow sees Obama as a velvet suit wearing pimp!

"If Sarah Palin thinks that writing messages like this on Facebook is going to help her chances of getting elected in whatever election race she decides to run; she is very highly mistaken. Portraying a black President as some sort of velvet suit wearing pimp, who is prostituting the United States; is conjuring up a black stereotype and is very much dog-whistle racism of the highest order."

After being forced to apologize the site decides to attack Palin from a different angle-this time her parenting and children;

"Besides all that; Sarah Palin is not a perfect Conservative. her family is a joke. I mean, look at her oldest Daughter! Sarah Palin needs to clear up her own “White Trash” image, before she even begins to start trashing Barack Obama’s."

That the "progressive' left is afflicted with a bizarre case of paranoia and obsession regarding Sarah Palin, who is not even a candidate, is beyond dispute. The only positive they will leave behind will be endless opportunities for doctrinal submissions by political science and psychology students on; "The madness of leftist crowds in the American body politic circa 2008-2012".

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