Friday, December 30, 2011

Dan Riehl Goes All In For Perry-Is It Perry In The Long Run After All?

Noted  columnist Dan Riehl AT THIS LINK considers the state of the GOP field as Iowa looms and sees Rick Perry not only rising but, in the long run, the only viable "Non-Romney.

Riehl then goes all in "Perry must be conservatives last best hope to hold off a Romney nomination"

Apart from the analysis of the current candidates, and as I have stated , I don't agree with Dan about Gingrich seeing him as the best candidate to take on Obama head to head, to me the deepest insight Riehl brings is his views on Romney.

I will never vote for Romney for reasons different from Riehl and I believe a substantial number of conservatives will sit out the  2012 election if he is the candidate. No more RINO's, it is better to lose election after election until the GOP establishment finally gets it.

Riehl takes the RINO situation to its ultimate, and frightening conclusion. I have not considered Perry, but if he is, as Riehl advises, the last best chance for a non-RINO I will most certainly vote for him.

"If you believe, as I do, that Mitt Romney is not at all instinctually conservative and will only play ball, giving us Republican politics as usual"

"Obviously, Texas Governor Rick Perry and his team must do their part, as well. Barring that, it will be Mitt and quite likely what Hillsdale College History Professor Paul Rahe recently called "just another bump in the long, gentle road leading us to soft despotism" given a Romney nomination and potential victory in 2012."

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