Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iowa Establishment,GOP Opportunists Turn On Gingrich To Ensure Rino Nomination

With the Des Moines register, Nikki Hayley, O'Donnell!! the establishment and the opportunists are coming out of  the woodwork to destroy Newt. $9 million spent in anti-Gingrich adverts in Iowa to ensure Romney gets the nomination.

This is why I have lost all enthusiasm for blogging as what they did to Sarah they are now doing to the last genuine conservative possibility for the nomination. If they screw over Newt there is no way in the world I would ever vote for Romney nor participate in the campaign.

It would be  a genuine desiderata if there were a hung convention and Palin was nominated but I can't work up any enthusiasm at such an unlikely prospect.The only good to come out of  a Romney nomination would be, presuming he loses, the end of RINO's forever and an excellent chance for Palin  in 2016.

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