Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten Leftist (Mostly) Blogs To Avoid For A Happy 2012

You can ensure a happy, mentally healthy 2012 simply by "taking out the trash."  By not sending our negative vibrations to the universe, so to speak, you gain the benefit of not only not have brought anyone down, but lifted yourself up.

One way to do this is to avoid negativity, vainglory, hypocrisy, madness, misogyny, and basically all bad influences ending in "ess" "isy" and "yny" by not visiting blogs/web sites/columns which purvey such trash (unlike this one I might add, simply to stop wiseacres jumping in first).

Some may entice with supposed experts, pontificators, prognosticators, big media names and fancy sites, but they all lead to various levels of Dante's circles of hell. To help in this Miltonic Pilgrim's Progress I, hopefully helpfully, list the top ten sites to avoid in 2012 which will help ensure a balanced, clear and fulfilled mind. Having listed these sites it would be terribly amiss of me to link to them as the danger to innocent minds would be far to great.

I intersperse the sites with negative quotations. These may not necessarily relate to a particular site, but seem to me to encapsulate the negativity the sites, taken as a whole, create.

1. Immoral Minority
The first part of this blog's title sounds the clearest warning. This site gained notoriety at the height of the anti-Palin mania, but now a self confessed Obama re-election site. The blog's mainstay a "Gryphen' was exposed by the redoubtable Stacy McCain at The other McCain site but still blasts out Palin screeds to a dwindling audience-each screed more desperate in its attempt to find negative "facts" about Palin now that she is not running. A "Trig Truther" site still peddling the Trig is not Palin's son by birth madness which in itself should be enough of a warning to stay away.

"A monster,gibbering shrieks, and gnashing imprecations against mankind.Tearing down all shreds of modesty,past all sense of manliness and shame;filthy in word,filthy in thought,furious,raging,obscene." W.M Thackeray on Swift

2.Outside The Beltway

A long love affair between site mainstay, Doug Mataconis and his fondly gazed at infatuation Doug Mataconis. The condescension towards plain folks, especially Palin supporting plain folks drips, or rather oozes off the site.

3.Daily Kos

A rabid "progressive' site. the level of invective aimed at anyone who does not toe the party line, whatever that may be as it changes from minute to minute, is astonishing.The denizens of this hell hole are termed "Kos Kids" but in fact many are ancient relics of the 1960's and although aged in body are still juvenile in mind. This is where the disgusting Tweet "mission accomplished Sarah Palin" originated from (from Kos himself) after the terrible, non-Palin related Gifford's shooting-a tweet that will live in infamy.

During the short time you started publishing I have witnessed your decay from amiable drunk through voyeur and track rat to misogynous, vitriolic pariah". Robert Hamilton on The Sun

4. Redstate

To show I am equally against conservative sites that are negatively charged I include this supposed mainstay of the right. In fact the antagonism by some of the regulars against anyone who dares transmit anything that  is against their orthodoxy du jour equals for vitriol the worse the left can produce. Leftist arrogance is sad and pathetic, rightist arrogance is disgusting as they should know better

5. Free Republic
Again, sadly, a rightist site. This is the right wing site that is equivalent to the Kos Kids of the left. The only thing that can be said in mitigation is that they are, in the main, actual kids as a quick perusal of the juvenile rantings will show. Again, arrogance, especially from the executive, oozes from the site and people are banned for expressing their opinions

6. Ann Coulter
 As with leftist commentators like e.g. Kos who rose to prominence in the Bush years so to did Coulter as an outspoken defender on the right in that period. Well past her use by date and serving no purpose now that the left is in power she embarrasses herself and the right by supporting RINO's like Christie and Romney.

7.The Peril's Of Palin
The most insane site in all the blogosphere in my opinion. This atheist weirdie created anti-Palin tableau's using Barbie dolls. Has to be seen to be believed that such things exist outside of Bedlam. But please take my word for it and don't look as you might be seriously affected by such madness.

8. The Politico
The den of the Obama "Journolist" conspiracy in 2008. Another supposedly  neutral political reporting site but so blatantly leftist that,as the fortunes of the left decline its total of visits shrinks constantly. A relic of the Bush years that is well past its time.

9. Wonkette
Filthy  disgusting kindergarten toilet humor. Black and white philosophy is simply left=good and right=bad. All human foibles on the right are gleefully cackled over  and commented on by hundreds of juvenile minds who vie to be the most disgusting in their "snark' amongst their peers. This is the site that attacked Palin's Down syndrome child in such a vicious manner that they lost all their advertisers.

"The most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl  upon the surface of the earth" J.Swift in Gulliver's Travels

10.  PoliticsUSA
Vicious, one eyed, childishly leftist world view and all the worse for the "certainty" of view it purveys. Another all leftism=good, all rightist thought actions/deeds/people=bad. Avoid like the plague.

"Approached  nearer than any person mentioned in history or fiction, whether man or devil, to the idea of consummate and universal depravity" T.B Macaulay on Bertrand Barere.

Dishonorable mention. Right Wing Nut House (yes that relic is still extant) "feminist", unless the women are conservative pro-life "Shakesville" and "Pharyngula" all three vie for utter intellectual arrogance. Dare to comment against the ruling current of site thought and be cursed, damned and banned.

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