Sunday, December 4, 2011

Left's Biggest Mistake Was Stopping Palin-Now Gingrich Will Defeat Obama

The left, for some unfathomable reason, spent three years doing everything they possibly could to destroy the potential candidacy of Sarah Palin. In a wave of relentless attacks on her, her family, her faith, her followers, they succeeded when Palin made the decision that to run was too hard a burden for her family to shoulder.

No potential candidate on the GOP side has undergone such a wave of calumny, lies, distortion and utter ridicule that Palin has undergone. Kos of the reprehensible "Daily Kos" radical leftist blog infamously tweeted "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" when Gifford's was shot by a madman who was not, in any way, influenced by Palin.

That was perhaps the worst example of the disgusting attacks on Palin over the years, but Letterman's jibe that Palin's daughter might be taken advantage of by a baseball player was right up there with the filthy site "Wonkette" running a disgusting attack on Palin's Down Syndrome afflicted child. Actually, the list of filth and lies directed at Palin by denizens of hate sites like The Immoral Minority, who run an endless campaign trying to "prove" that Trig is not Sarah's is endless, and does not bear repeating here.

The mainstream leftist media conducted a shocking campaign of vilification against Palin during the 2008 election. A cabal of supposedly independent minded journalists joined a liberal conspiracy the "journolist" mob whose sole aim was to destroy the McCain/Palin ticket to get their idol Obama elected.

Every word of Palin's has been fine tooth comb examined for the slightest slip which, when found, is turned into headlines. That Biden and Obama have made a household lot of major slips and gaffes goes relatively unremarked upon.

The absolutely incontrovertible proof of the liberal media's campaign to destroy Palin was the Washington Post recruiting people to sift through the tens of thousands of emails from Palin's time as Governor of Alaska. That absolutely nothing against Palin turned up in those emails was quietly forgotten and the campaign against her resumed in full fury.

The left has its reward, Palin is not running but they have created the most stupid and pyrrhic of victories for themselves.

There is little doubt that at this point in the campaign, if Palin were a candidate, she would be at or near the top and Gingrich, who has become the "Palin" for the conservative wing, would not be where he is. With Cain/Perry having self-destructed and, if Palin had entered the lists, Bachmann not even getting off the ground
there is no reason whatsoever not to believe Palin would have had every chance to win the nomination.

Now it is Gingrich who is on his way to being the candidate. The left has inadvertently made this possible, and having sowed the wind with their Palin campaign, will reap the whirlwind. Gingrich is, as the rank and file recognizes, the only GOP candidate with the experience, gravitas and debate skills to not only stand up to Obama in the presidential debates but to defeat him easily.

If Palin had been left alone by the left and had won the nomination, then their frenzy of attacks, unleashed over the course of the campaign, may have had an effect and given Obama his best chance of being re-elected. Instead they have to face Gingrich against whom they will be powerless. Gingrich's personal faults are recognised and well discussed. They are in the past and his conversion to Catholicism has given him a new start.

the GOP rank and file are not looking at Newt's past, they are looking to his future, especially a future which includes him debating Obama and winning-that is why he is in the lead. The left, for blinkered mad reasons, perhaps they swallowed their own propaganda, or were so incensed at the thought of a pro-life conservative woman that they lost all common sense, attacked the wrong person.

It will be one of the greatest of self-inflicted defeats in political history when the left is defeated when they quite possibly would have won handily by leaving Palin alone. Palin is a martyr and icon for the conservative cause and the election of Gingrich and the destruction of the leftist agenda will be her reward.

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