Saturday, December 3, 2011

George (Pawlenty Will be Sworn In As President) Will Promotes Huntsman-The Kiss Of Death

George-non-triumph of the will-Will who predicted (it is worth clicking on the link to see Will making a fool of himself) that "In January 2012 Pawlenty or Daniels will be sworn in as president" has delivered the kiss of death to Huntsman's nascent campaign rise by a flattering review of all things Huntsman today.

In a piece titled  "Romney to Ginrich, from bad to worse"  which makes it very clear who the baddies are, Gingrich, and surprisingly, Romney, are too impaired to receive the Will imprimatur. That a senior Beltway denizen would desert Romney is a very bad sign for Mitt, and may mark the point where his campaign is done in reality.

Gingrich's faults take up the bulk of Will's column, Romney is passed over gently, before a warm light is cast on Huntsman. Huntsman would be much better served not having the de facto endorsement of fossils and dinosaurs and worse, the intellectual nose in the air elite . 

Huntsman biggest problem is not being Romney lite, nor having worked for Obama, it is his seeming detachment from the person in the street.

He comes across as, what he is, the ultra-groomed scion of a rich family. Mr. Ambassador could do better to have the Palin touch and state that Mr. Will, and his ilk's endorsements, are of little consideration to him. 

Instead he attacks Trump who, for all his faults, has exactly what Huntsman lacks, the ability to get the ear of the person in the rank and file. 

Huntsman would make an excellent VP choice for Gingrich as such a choice would shut up the Beltway complainers and nullify the left, but as the presidential candidate-well it is not going to happen, thanks in part to people like Will supporting him.

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