Monday, December 19, 2011

Each New Iraqi Conflict Death Laid At Feet Of "Doonesbury's" Gary Trudeau & The Left

Radical leftist cartoonist Gary Trudeau, still pushing his 1970's teenage type Doonesbury wares, has a parting shot at the last American troops to leave Iraq. (at THIS LINK)

Thanks to the leftist media, exemplified by Trudeau (who in the same strip area has an unending running attack on Newt Gingrich) and the Democratic party radicals, the Iraqi people have been left to their fate-as merciless as it may be.

Trudeau quotes the  over 100,000 Iraqi deaths during the conflict. When the post American abandonment toll reaches that figure, and more, will we hear from Trudeau and the left? Not likely.

The fact that the US could stay in Korea for over fifty years, at who knows what financial cost, escapes Trudeau. Possibly because that war was initiated by a Democratic president, and was the right thing to do, as was staying in Iraq until there was stability-whether or not going in in the first place was justified.

I note that the day after the US left the "government' of Iraq has issued an arrest warrant for a Sunni vice-president. If anyone, except those on the doctrinaire left, believe a peaceful and stable Iraq has been left behind, and that this "stability" justifies nothing except an Obama sop to the "progressive " left in the 2008 election they are deluded. McCain/Palin would never have let this moral outrage happen and clearly said so.

The left has their result, I am confident their moral standards will let them live comfortably with each ensuing civilian casualty, each child that is blown to pieces, each women who has her human rights removed and the religious strife which will ensue.No doubt too they will happily accept Iran growing in influence in Iraq and the region further destabilizing the region.

The last American serviceman who left has, through the actions of his or her superiors acting on orders of a leftist administration, turned out the lights on the possibility of a civilized end to the conflict. Each subsequent death will be laid squarely at the feet of Trudeau and the left.

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