Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gingrich Holds Out VP Or Energy Secretary To Palin. For This Alone He Should be The Nominee

"I can't imagine anyone who would do a better job than Palin"
At last one of the leading candidates has the courage to offer what all of them should have offered Palin when she decided not to run-a major role in their new administration.

It is a matter of much personal satisfaction to me that it is Gingrich who has made the obvious, and required move as I was one of the first to recognize Gingrich's incipient rise in the polls. The rise is foretold was not because it was Gingrich's turn as the "Not Romney of the month" but because he alone has the debate skills, policy knowledge knowledge experience, both domestic and foreign, to be a  viable opponent for Obama.

Further he is a genuine conservative and, vitally I believe he would be the best candidate to propound  and more importantly, bring Palin's points of view, ethical, moral, religious and policy, to his administration without flip-flopping.

Gingrich includes Palin is a list of possible VP's. This is of course acceptable and sensible. He has the right to choose whom he wishes based on regional balance etc and who he thinks would  bring in the most votes. However Palin as Secretary of Energy is a sitter and there should have been no reason why any of the other candidates, if they had the guts and were not afraid of the leftist media, did not offer it to her.

I am proud of Gingrich for his statement which simply reinforces that he is far and away the best available candidate.

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