Saturday, December 31, 2011

"The Establishment Is Terrified of Ron Paul & On A Mission To Destroy Him"

So says James Quinn at the financial review website "The Market Oracle" in a retrospective of 2011 and a look at 2012 AT THIS LINK

Mr. Quinn is hard hitting, highly critical of the economic powers that be as his articles title would indicate; "2011,Wall Street Shysters Stock Markets Targets Year In Review". Don't let that feisty title, and gloom and doom indications put you off from reading what he has to say however. He has been unerring in his predictions, scarily so, and what he sees going forwards is frightening or exciting depending on your point of view.

Quinn rips to shreds the stock market hype artists, and the government statisticians, who gloss over economic aspects they don't want to discuss, and who report statistics that are non-reality based. His failings it appears are actually under-predicting how calamitous 2011 would be, and the dramatic revolutions that have taken place and will take place, because of the current and coming economic dislocation.

Here is just one paragraph that gives a taste of how terrible things really are, and how much worse they will get, followed by his support of Ron Paul. I am not a Paul person but encourage Iowa caucus goers to vote for him on the 3rd as I set out AT THIS LINK. Perhaps there is more to the Paul story than I have originally envisaged?

"There is absolutely no way that Ben Bernanke could ever reduce the Federal Reserve balance sheet to the pre-crisis level without destroying the U.S. economy. He knows that and will never sell off those toxic mortgage assets. Not only won't he reduce the Fed balance sheet, but by mid-2012 he will institute QE3 and buy another $600 billion of mortgage debt. His hubris knows no bounds, as his reckless illegal actions thus far have not driven interest rates sky high - YET. He has only destroyed the finances of senior citizens, savers and people who eat food and use gasoline. He will surely go down in history, but not the way he envisions.

The rise in oil to $91 a barrel will not be a top. The Catch-22 of a declining dollar is that prices of all imported goods go up. If the dollar falls another 10%, the price of oil will rise above $120 a barrel and push the economy back into recession.
As Bernanke printed like a drunken sailor during the first six months of 2011, the USD fell by 9% and the price of oil did exactly as expected, rising to a peak above $125. The NATO "intervention" in Libya also added a few bucks to the price of a barrel of sweet crude.

No one in the MSM or government anticipated that the only truthful, honest, forthright politician in Washington D.C. - Ron Paul - could possibly win the Iowa caucus. His message of freedom, liberty, self reliance, and non-interventionism has struck a chord with young people and those capable of distinguishing between MSM propaganda and reality. The establishment is terrified of Ron Paul and is now on a mission to destroy him. What they don't realize is their time is coming to an end. The existing social order will be swept away in a violent manner. The youth of this country will lead the charge. 2012 should be a real doozy."

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