Friday, December 30, 2011

Gingrich Cries Over Memory Of Cancer Stricken Mother-Leftists Sewer Site Asks Is It A Campaign Trick

There is no depths to how low the leftist media will sink in their pursuit of conservatives. If the major rightist sites came anywhere near the depths of cynicism and utter depravity that the left purveys there would be a massive outcry.

Newt Gingrich displayed basic human emotion when tearing up in memory of his mother's life problems. the left,in a oh so very clever way as this "Gawker" example, puts a cynical response in a "you decide" manner-fooling no one as the site's comments section shows.

This Newall person at Gawker was a mainstay of the lowest cesspit site in the blogosphere "Wonkette" which was notorious for their disgusting attacks on Sarah Palin's family. The only good from all this is that, contrary to their intentions they energize decent thinking people to clean out the cesspool that the left inhabits.

That is a task that even Hercules who diverted a river to clean out a stable of filth would find daunting but must be undertaken.

Wonkette BTW is number 9 on my list of the top 10 blogs to avoid for ones mental health AT THIS LINK

9. Wonkette
Filthy  disgusting kindergarten toilet humor. Black and white philosophy is simply left=good and right=bad. All human foibles on the right are gleefully cackled over  and commented on by hundreds of juvenile minds who vie to be the most disgusting in their "snark' amongst their peers. This is the site that attacked Palin's Down syndrome child in such a vicious manner that they lost all their advertisers.

"The most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl  upon the surface of the earth" J.Swift in Gulliver's Travels

The leftist scum at Daily Kos have joined in the attack "crocodile tears." That execrable site is number 3 on the list  to avoid.

3.Daily Kos
A rabid "progressive" site. the level of invective aimed at anyone who does not toe the party line, whatever that may be as it changes from minute to minute, is astonishing.The denizens of this hell hole are termed "Kos Kids" but in fact many are ancient relics of the 1960's and although aged in body are still juvenile in mind. This is where the disgusting Tweet "mission accomplished Sarah Palin" originated from (from Kos himself) after the terrible, non-Palin related Gifford's shooting-a tweet that will live in infamy.

During the short time you started publishing I have witnessed your decay from amiable drunk through voyeur and track rat to misogynous, vitriolic pariah". Robert Hamilton on The Sun

Here is a decent man expressing human emotions which only the left could attack.

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