Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Endorsement; Ron Paul For Iowa In Support Of Bachmann's Co-Chair's Endorsement of Paul

As is lighting up the blogosphere and tomorrow the MSM it is reported that Michelle Bachmann's Iowa Co-Chair, State Senator Kent Sorenson has endorsed Ron Paul for Iowa.

Although I am a strong Palin supporter and, since she is not running at present have urged conservatives to support Newt Gingrich I now urge Iowa caucus goers to support Ron Paul on January 3rd.

The latest polling from Iowa, which has been consistent, shows only three candidates with a realistic chance of winning in Iowa. Unfortunately Gingrich is not one of them. The Palin supporters are fighting a valiant effort to get Iowa supporters to caucus for her, running a series of television and radio adverts. Certainly there is logic in trying to get a reasonable level of support which they then envisage as building inexorably towards her getting into the race.

However, we have to deal with the world as we find it. I don't think Santorum has, in the remaining time left to make his case,  the winning of Iowa. If he loses there I can't see him winning anywhere else-he has hinted that a poor showing might see him bow out altogether.

Newt is too far off the pace as are Bachmann and the rest and surely she is now finished. That leaves Romney and Paul. I will never vote for Romney and am confident that a large number of conservatives feel the same. I am also confident that if he is the nominee then Trump will run and the GOP should at that point give up and just support the down tickets to take the senate and hold the house (see my "Palin candidacy only insurance Trump won't run and ensure Obama's re-election).

Thus, in my opinion the very best thing for the GOP would be for Ron Paul to win Iowa and do very well in New Hampshire. If that were the case then Gingrich would have a very good chance in Florida and South Carolina and the possibility of a deadlocked convention would be very real. If that happens then what is the reality now, as someone said, the "office seeking the woman" would come into play and Sarah Palin would stand every chance of being drafted in Tampa.

For that reason I urge Gingrich/Santorum/Bachmann supporters to caucus for Ron Paul. I personally would not vote for him in any other state but in Iowa and New Hampshire if I had the vote there but to vote for him in those two states is good common sense in my opinion. Paul will not be the nominee but he can, by winning Iowa help to ensure the right person is.

I note that "Smitty' at the influential conservative blog 
The Other McCain, appears, under certain circumstances, willing to consider voting for Paul;
"Could I vote for Ron Paul in a primary as a protest against GOP tomfoolery? It sounds mad, but less so over time. . ."

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