Monday, December 19, 2011

Rachel Maddow States "Palin Can't be The Republican Nominee" Which Is Leftist Rubbish

Here is Rachel Maddow at the far left MSNBC TV station admitting she is not prognosticator and got it wrong about Palin running. She hints that Palin could run as a third party candidate (this, after Palin explicitly ruled such a move out-these lefties talk to the voices in their heads).

Maddow then compounds her political ignorance by advising that Palin could not be the GOP candidate as she has missed the filing deadlines for key primary races. Of course there would be nothing to stop Palin from entering primary races where the deadline has not passed, nor is there anything to stop a write in campaign  or her winning e.g. the Iowa caucus. 

Most importantly  if the GOP race has no clear winner on the first ballot in Tampa then delegates are free to vote for whomever they wish from the second ballot on and of course Palin could be nominated at that point.

Maddow comes across as facile and, frankly, immature and worst of all lacking in knowledge in the area she is supposed to have in-depth understanding about. Clearly her show is entertainment not information.

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