Thursday, December 22, 2011

TV Advert Asking Iowans To "Caucus For Palin" Running New Year's Day.

Conservatives4Congress have created a "Caucus for Palin" in Iowa advert.I don't agree with their premise that one should not write in Palin in November-but only if Gingrich is the nominee-as I will vote for him. If Romney is the nominee I most certainly will write in Palin.

Iowa - The Sarah Palin Write-In Campaign

(VIDEO) We are advocating that Iowans caucus for Sarah Palinz at this point in the election. We DO NOT support writing-in Palin in the general election in November 2012. This Ad is scheduled to air on New Year's Day during the Broncos/Chiefs NFL football game on KCAU-TV's sister-station WHBF-TV in Rock Island, IL (on eastern border of Iowa)

Sarah Palin - Commercial #5 - The Bear - YouTube

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