Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gary Johnson Libertarian Candidacy & Likely Trump Run Means Palin a Genius/Obama Re-elected

According to Greta Van Susteren's Gretawire putative Republican Gary Johnson, clearly rejected by the GOP rank and file as a potential candidate is throwing his toys out of the cot and announcing a run on the Libertarian ticket.

He of course doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected but should Ron Paul not run will garner a percentage of Paul's libertarian following. He will also likely garner some of the rank and file who simply can't bring themselves to vote for Rino Romney or Mormon Romney should he be the sacrificial lamb for 2012.

It will only take the bleeding of a small amount of GOP votes to Johnson (or for the disgusted to stay at home) for Florida/Ohio/Colorado and especially Virginia, all of which are crucial to any Republican hopes of electoral college victory, to stay with Obama.

Clearly, as I suggested, if Donald Trump is encouraged to run by the Republicans "nominating a stiff" as he calls it, which would guarantee Obama's re-election, how much more so would he be encouraged to run by Johnson's entry into the race.

This is because he could point out that the GOP is doomed anyway. Thus he might as well offer an alternative to both the GOP and Dem's stating that Republicans could vote for him in good conscience because he would not be causing the GOP's defeat (which was self inflicted).

Gary Johnson, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump would mean an Obama landslide. If those were the anti-Obama choices then a landslide, with the GOP taking the senate and holding the house, would be a good result. Obama would be a lame duck from day one, unable to get any radical leftist legislation through, and the GOP rank and file could concentrate on getting a real conservative nominated for 2016.

Palin is looking like a genius for staying out of this possible coming collapse of the old guard Republican party and, if the above scenario plays out, should be a sitter for 2016.

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