Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Holiday Time

  Merry Holiday Time! And here's to a Most Magical 2012.
Please remember my new, but nostalgic CD:  "A Voice Forever in the Wind" at Holiday time as a gift for your "Old Folky" friends …and new ones too!

A song from the CD: "Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies"
To hear samples and to purchase, please click: www.cdbaby.com/cd/orrielsmith      
Review: Folkworld Germany Orriel Smith "A Voice (Forever) in the Wind"
This may be a sparse record with mostly acoustic guitar, but Orriel Smith’s voice commands a lot of room in the sonic atmosphere. I was going to compare her to Clannad or Enya, but I think comparisons to your favorite soprano singing her greatest arias may be more accurate. There are a collection of worldwide folk songs covered here such as stalwarts “She Moved Through the Fair” and “Danny Boy”. The studio treatment of her voice is very direct with enough echo to make it sound like it is coming from La Scala or St. Patrick’s cathedral. More amazingly, Ms. Smith’s first album was released in 1963! So she is quite the veteran but her voice sounds as fresh as ever. If you like a simple set of songs featuring an amazing voice and at times interesting interpretations, this record will be for you. And even if you are not sure, most of these songs are worth a listen just to hear what a powerful yet tender voice can sound like.

Merry Xmas From Michael And Orriel


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