Friday, December 2, 2011

Incredible; Palin Leads Gingrich/Romney&Santorum Surges Into 5th After She Praises Him & Quadruples Support

Yes it is an Hot Air on line poll of Republican activists. But it is a one vote per person poll so no Paulite jamming and had 7,500 responses.

The astonishing aspect was not that Newt has solidified his standing as the far and away favorite-it is his to lose unless he self-destructs- but the support level for Palin. Given a choice of Gingrich, Romney or Palin Palin, who is not running, actually leads all three.

It is hard to know what to make of that.It might be a reflection on the choices the activists have which has, so far, ended up as Non-Romney Gingrich by default and by din't of debating skills/experience. Who knows what the race would look like now if Palin had stayed in?

The other interesting aspect is the sharp rise in support for Santorum. He has "surged into fifth" quadrupling his vote support from two weeks ago. What the next poll will show for Santorum after Palin's effusive comments about him and the likes of 
Robert Stacy McCain providing lots of positive reports will be very interesting.

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