Monday, December 26, 2011

Palin (Possibly Gingrich/Santorum) Plan To Deny Romney All Virginia's Delegates

At the Palin supporting "Conservatives4Palin" site a commentator discussed the disastrous situation in Virginia where the sudden purer observance of the comparatively new election rules has denied Newt Gingrich ballot access. 

This has the potential to ensure that 100% of all Virginia's substantial delegates are committed to Mitt Romney, at least for the first ballot.(See "Deliberate attempt by Virginia power brokers to deny Gingrich the nomination and GOP Meltdown in Virginia)

However,the commentator   makes the point that even though, in fact especially though, write in ballots are not counted in Virginia's primary that may be a mechanism to deny Romney the 50%+ proportion of all votes cast to ensure he gets all delegates. the scenario of a deadlocked convention is then sketched out with Palin as the likely beneficiary.

If this write in scenario is indeed valid then it would be in the interest, I believe, of all Gingrich/Palin/Santorum and possibly Paul backers, to spread the word to their Virginia supporters as soon as possible to ensure the maximum "write in" votes are cast.

"Better yet, we should encourage Virginians to write-in Sarah Palin, even if it isn't allowed and their write-in votes would surely just be tossed out.

In VA primary, it's winner-take-all delegate allocation if a candidate garners 50.001% of the votes statewide. If no candidate wins 50.001%, the delegates are allocated proportionately. By writing-in  a 3rd candidate, votes are depressed for both Romney and Paul, thus ensuring that none of them gets the majority votes and all the delegates in the process.

Call it playing mischief in VA, I'd call it strategizing to make sure that none in the  GOP field gets to Tampa, Florida with the majority of delegates - giving us a deadlocked convention, as you have suggested. With a brokered convention, we could then nominate Gov. Palin on the second balloting. 

Here's the link to VA delegate-allocation rules. "

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