Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gingrich To Debate Huntsman-That's The Ticket? (You Read It First Here Once Again)

The liberal blogosphere has been constantly running down the GOP field with the exception of Huntsman. Andrew Sullivan pines for Huntsman. The meme is "the GOP only has one good candidate, Huntsman who is sane, centrist, has a record of accomplishment yadda yadda yadda but they (the GOP rank and file) don't want him.

The old guard country club Republican elite and their camp followers in the Beltway media want Romney or Huntsman. They too would be stumped and non-plussed if Newt chose Huntsman as his running mate, and it would be a delightful irony if they too had to eat their words and get in behind Gingrich at that point.

They, the Dem's and Beltway GOP, admit that Gingrich is not a fool, has a strong grasp of the issues, and doesn't make gaffes. That doesn't mean they  appreciate him of course, they find his previous personal life and political issues from  about twenty years ago not to their taste.

It would be wonderfully ironic if Gingrich chose Huntsman as his VP. Huntsman appears to have an unblemished family life, worked for the Obama administration, and had a good record of administration. Since they puffed him up as the only and best choice for the GOP, they would have great difficulty in subsequently running him down.

The rank and file will never choose Huntsman as their presidential candidate. I would be confident however that if Gingrich, who has the support of the Tea Party, chose Huntsman they would swallow him without too much difficulty. If Palin endorsed the ticket that should be enough to ensure it won the full support of the right.

A Gingrich/Huntsman ticket would bring unquestioned administrative experience, Gingrich could well take on Obama in the debates and Huntsman should have little trouble with Biden. The country would have a genuine alternative to the Obama administration which would be conservative but could attract the Independents.

Gingrich and Huntsman are to engage in a "Lincoln/Douglas debate in New Hampshire on December 12th-described as "a genius move by Gingrich". It may be more of a genius move than the writer may have considered.

This could well be the opportunity for the public to see and hear erudite speakers, and even more tantalizing, it might be an introduction to what would be a very strong team for 2012 ( not including the one in the middle of course)

This blog was the first to  predict and note the rise of Gingrich when everyone else had written him off. I now predict the rise of the Gingrich/Huntsman possibility being the subject of future speculation and serious consideration.

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