Friday, December 2, 2011

Funniest Comments On Meghan McCain's "Bachmann Is More Smarter Than Palin"

Meghan McCain, the well know intellectual and political scientist, weighed in on the GOP race on Morning Joe for her new employers at MSNBC,

She commented about Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin with this in-depth insight;

“What does she have that Sarah Palin doesn’t, didn’t?” asked Richard Wolffe, a fellow contributor.
“I think she’s… this is going to get me in trouble, but I actually think she’s just more smarter,” explained McCain.
“I think that she’s more um, you know, on foreign policy, I mean I just think all the things she’s done, the debates, I’ve been very impressed,” continued McCain, “and I just think she’s older and more established, and you know, she’s been a member of Congress for a very long time.”
This produced a number of comments from the public about McCain's obvious deep and remarkable command of the language and the political scene. Here are just a few of the appreciative remarks from an adoring and possibly awed public:
She be way smarterer than, um, you know, like that other one, actually. Besides, she's like totally got the whole smarter thing going on and she is just more like what we need to get hope and change and stop the oceans from rising.
You know?

In other news....
Police in FiNicky Falls report that a "hugermongest" sink hole swallowed a local Mini Mart. Witnesses were reported to be heard saying it was the "weirderest" thing they have "like ever seened."

On to sports and a heart warming story about a young man who recently won the national "Bestest Spellerer Award".

Now that was a whole lot more smarter than I thought she was. She's sharper than a bowling ball!

Every time I say to myself "Meghan hasn't said anything stupid in a while." she comes out and says something stupid.

But still, those breasts, that MONEY... nah it wouldn't be worth it.

Duh...more smarter! Can we send her back for repairs?

Good Lord.
Never has so much garbage incarnated in human form in the history of the human race. 

All that bleach, has finally soaked into her brain. Her hair looks good, but her brain is fried.

Well, Meghan, just how smart are you? Tell me how do you tell the front from the back of a tree?


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