Friday, December 30, 2011

Time For A Palin World Tour?

One by one the leftist media's "Sarah Palin" who bears no resemblance in reality to the real Sarah Palin, is being whittled down and will shortly have no substance in the alternative reality they have fashioned for their Pygmalion (perhaps Golem might be a better description as the creature they have fashioned is mud splattered.)

A few perspicacious commentators on the left (tellingly not in the traditional MSM) have woken up to this fact and are putting out warning signals to the broader left that they too had better wake up and start dealing with the "Genius of Palin" as Jon Stewart describes her.

It is nothing short of amazing-genius is indeed the only applicable word to describe it-that a person who was written off completely by the MSM when she resigned as Governor has, entirely by her own innate wisdom, incredible energy (Truman in 1948, also against all the odds, is an apt comparison) and political skills (so much for the McCain advisors who ridiculed her-where are they now?) become the highest profile politician in America after the President.

One by one the negative aspects the media have created for her have been destroyed. Dumb? Not this multi-million book sales author, spellbinding public speaker.

Not ready for the big time-avoiding the tough interviewers? The grillings by King/Wallace (I gave her as tough a time as I could)/Blitzer/ O'Reilly/Walters passed without negative comment on her grasp of issues. Vacuous beauty queen? Not the person who could hold an audience " in the palm of her hand" (and laugh at herself) on Conan/ Oprah (twice)/Leno.

Sensing the scales were falling from the public’s eyes the MSM and radical blogs shifted tack. Stupidly, instead of challenging what the public could clearly see is a person of intellect, they became even more shrill and vicious. A brief campaign of implying she was a racist by association fell flat when there was not the slightest evidence to back it up (and of course her mixed marriage basically insulates her against that slur).

Then came the attacks on her children, her marriage, and the latest (and most ludicrous) that she is now some sort of elitist, Hollywood money grubbing type divorced from the commonfolks she has risen above (whilst managing at the same time to be "trailer park trash"-quite a feat).

It's all so sad and so tawdry and thankfully is coming to an end. There is however one area which is open to valid criticism and that is Palin's lack of a substantial body of foreign experience at the level the public might expect in a candidate for higher office. She has addressed this to a degree with her speech to business people in Hong Kong and Korea and at a major rally in Canada where her special topic, energy, was canvassed. To this can be added her troop visits to Kosovo (where she met the Lithuanian Minister of Defense) and Iraq when Governor.

What would, I suggest, be helpful in filling this gap in her CV and removing one further impediment/MSM attack point, would be to arrange for a "grand tour" of the major European capitals in the not too distant future. 

There is a good base for this as Palin met with a number of world leaders at the U.N. during the 2008 campaign and some sort of follow up structure in Europe might be put in place. I have no doubt she would be received by huge crowds wherever she went and world leaders.

No doubt the left would attack and ridicule her but their double standard-they are giving Michelle Obama the taxpayers clothes horse a pass whilst of course they lampooned Palin for looking attractive is beyond idiotic and blatant. When candidate Obama went to Europe that was hailed as a master stroke by a coming statesman so there is precedent for Palin to counter the left on that score.

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