Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Using Pic's Of This Near Naked Woman To Battle Sharia Law;Fair Or Foul Tactics

The major conservative site the Astute Blogger" has run, amongst others (they can be viewed AT THIS LINK) these photographs of Brande Roderick in an apparent campaign against the imposition of Sharia Law, presumably meaning in America.

As can be seen the photographs are, to say the least, provocative and would, in some quarters, be seen as offensive.The question that springs to mind is is it fair tactics to use images like this to stress a point when the images themselves may cause offence to the proponents of a world-view one opposes?

My advice would be for men to examine the pictures closely to ensure that they have a full impression of what may be intended and then make up their minds as to their value.In the interest of fair mindedness I very much intend such scrutiny as it would be remiss of me to suggest such a course and not undertake it myself.

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