Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dumping My "Doonesbury" Books In The Trashcan (With Photo) As He Dumps Palin

As Gary Trudeau's "Doonesbury" character ends his Palin vilification campaign of over three years by symbolically taking her out to the trash the impetus was provided for me to take Trudeau's work out to the trash as well.

Doonesbury is a relic of the 1970's which cartoon reached its heyday in the Reagan years with an unending series of anti-Reagan strips, which basically dealt with the beloved president as a moron. 

In retrospect it is obvious that the Yale-ite Trudeau carried all the pretensions and condescension of this elite group into his vehicle. It was particularly gratifying to toss his book of his first Yale work into the dustbin.

"When I was a child I spake as a child" and "if you are not a socialist as a youth you have no heart, if still a socialist as an adult you have no head" are my excuses for having been a keen Doonesbury reader as the bunch of compendiums heading into the dustbin of history attest.

Actually our quid pro quo leaves me ahead in the game as not only do I expunge years of misdirection but, by removing the "Palin" he created, which has little to do with the real Palin behind, if and when she runs he will have to create a new "Palin" personality as the "you betcha" caricature he dumped will not be of any use as a satirical vehicle. 

No doubt the "mature", older gravitas wielding Palin will be depicted in some more aggressive manner, but that will in itself be a tribute to her power and the fear the left has of her-which lies at the root of all the years of hatred against her.

And why not donate the books to a library? Because the danger of mind infection of the innocents would be a reality I would not wish to assume responsibility for. 

Especially as Trudeau, as a major representative of the left, which has left the poor Iraqi people at the mercy of the bombs, shares the blame with the Obama administration.

Goodbye to all that.

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