Saturday, April 16, 2011

UPDATE: Links To Major Commentators:22 Million Watch Palin's Wisconsin Speech,15,000 At The Event: Video Here

And here is a great action shot;

All the media meme's that Palin is finished.irrelevant ,is not a contender etc are, once again, shown to be totally wrong and wishful thinking. At the "Women of Joy" conference in Oklahoma City Palin got a rapturous standing ovation from the 9000 strong crowd.

At her Tea Party rally speech today in Madison Wisconsin, the scene of her triumph in the victory of Judge Prosser-where she was the only main possible candidate to have the guts to stand up and endorse him, reports say 15,000 attended, in appalling weather, and it was reported over 20,000,000 watched her speech live on CBS.

The grass roots have gone into waves of enthusiasm over her fighting speech "fight like a girl" where she got stuck into both the GOP leadership for not fighting for economic sanity, using the victory from last November as their spearhead, and President Obama for...well everything.

Palin is not back... she never left, it was just the media and the Dem's who have tried to sideline her, especially with their touting of the ridiculous Trump "campaign".

Here are some major links to the reports of her speech which is being compared to her 2008 convention speech for its power and significance.

TexasforPalin has an outstanding analysis of the speech and event

Gateway Pundit has photo's and great commentary including pre-event remarks. As on all sites the comment section is going nuts with enthusiasm.

Conservatives4Palin as you would expect is waxing lyrical.The comments section is wonderful for the fighting exuberance.

Here is the first report from the local newspaper The Journal-Sentinel

sisu says Palin has "redrawn the electoral map"

The Right Scoop and commentators wax lyrical plus they have Breitbart's speech up on video

Tammy Bruce has a podcast of the speech

And just for a laugh-or to get you even more fired up here is the first snide lib anti-Palin report (you may wish to post in their comments section)
"Palin gets a frosty reception at Wisconsin capital"

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