Friday, April 15, 2011

Weigel "Take Away the 7,582 Waukesha votes and Kloppenburg Wins."Lib Spin At It's Most Laughable.

Weigal over at Slate  has found a way to spin the Dem's Wisconsin judicial election loss just finalized today-by magic!

If they simply deduct all Judge Prosser's winning margin from the Republican leaning Waukesha County from his total then-hooray-Kloppenburg wins! It's as simple as that.

Actually that's fine by me-let's give him that in exchange for deducting Obama's winning margin over McCain which is a fine swap which, according to today's Gallup poll which puts Obama at his all time low, the country would be happy to bargain for. I am confident Judge Prosser who seems a dignified gentleman who would put his country first would be happy to stand aside for such a plan.

The liberal media advised that the judicial election was to be a referendum on Governor Walker's budget,the Tea party and Palin,who alone amongst the possible presidential candidates had the guts to endorse Prosser.

Now that it hasn't turned out as they expected this "highly significant election " has disappeared from their talking points-except to arise in their fantasies of victory by deduction.

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