Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update; Progressives Finally Give Up On Obama (Spiffy Cartoon)

The good folks at Free Republic have been kind enough to visit, in droves, my post  on the "progressives" ending their honeymoon with President Obama. I am of course delighted that their readers found the post of value. A few thought my  motives were purely mercenary but, sadly for me, the contributions to my blog have totalled $15.00 in two years, so fortunately I am not depending on that to keep me off the breadline!

One person has picked up my post and included it on another blog with the cartoon below. I found it very funny and right to the point  and I think it complements my post perfectly. I wish I could acknowledge the very talented and witty cartoonist by name (it looks like Glen McCoy) but hopefully this at least goes some way to recognizing his creativity-well done!

"Progressives at the Obama trough"

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