Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wisconsin "Tied" Judicial Vote"A Referendum On Gov.Walker/Palin" Both Win-Media/Unions/Dem's Lose

It doesn't matter how small the margin whoever ultimately wins the recount-remember, the unions and the Dem's kept stressing how the Wisconsin battle had "energized the movement". Not enough apparently to counter the good common sense of the general public.

Today's Judicial election in Wisconsin which pitted incumbent Judge David Prosser against challenger Joanne Kloppenburg was touted as a "Referendum on the Governor". The New York Times called it a battle by proxy with the unions, who spent a substantial amount of money in this "judge by proxy" campaign, taking on Governor Walker.

With the Wisconsin Supreme Court's bench seemingly 4-3 tilted towards Walker, the unions and Democratic Party saw backing Kloppenburg, viewed as more amenable to their cause, as a possible way of changing the balance on the court in their favor. This, should Walker's collective bargaining bill reach the court for a final decision on its legality.

The election has taken a far more important role in the mind of the public for a whole host of reasons.

1.It is seen as a vote on Governor Walker's actions in taking on the unions over collective bargaining

2.It is a vote in proxy on the actions of the Democratic Party politicians who fled the state rather than undergo the normal democratic process when the bill came up for voting on.

3.It is a referendum on the swing to the GOP last November,which was itself a referendum on the Obama administrations policies. Even Reuters, which has taken a decidedly anti-Palin tack, agreed a loss for Kloppenburg would look bad for the Dem's "A Prosser victory would be a setback for Democrats, who channeled their anger about the union restrictions into the Supreme Court election campaign as a proxy vote on Walker's policies." However even the apparent tie is a loss given the resources thrown at the election.

4.It is a referendum on the unions-whether union bullying tactics can still carry weight in the minds of the voters, in a different era from when the unions had clout and public sympathy, and were seen as acting for all workers, not just the self-interest of some.

5.It is a referendum on Sarah Palin who, alone of the major possible contenders, endorsed Judge Prosser and did, as she always does, spoke out fearlessly and strongly for what she believes in, no matter what the potential cost to her chances of high office.

6. It is a trial run by proxy of Obama versus Palin 2012 in a traditionally liberal state which if "Palin" wins would have serious implications for the Republican nomination process.

The votes are in (subject to Democratic Party shenanigans in a recount of course) and, on the night, in all these six significant points, the forces that were unleashed or ratified last November have had their power reinforced and clarified. Despite all the money and supposed foot soldiers the unions, supported by activists and the liberal media, could bring to bear, even if an honest recount goes against Prosser the close fight in this liberal state bodes well for 2012.

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