Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Progressives" Finally Give Up On Obama "Everything This Guy has Ever Said Was A Lie"

"Slow-Witted Liberals Finally Realizing Obama Is Their Enemy"

"Can you believe anyone on “The Left” was ever excited about this Obama fraud? We can believe it, because we heard him lie through his phony smile for two years on the campaign trail. Remember how Barry was going to end the wars, rebuild America’s infrastructure, put renewable energy and mass transit all across the country, crack down on industrial polluters, raise taxes on the super-rich, etc., etc. All lies! Everything the guy has ever said was a lie. Back when Obama was blowing Weather Underground hero Bill Ayers in Chicago, that was just part of the elaborate deception, too."

That's just part of a long rant from the execrable "Wonkette". They have been building up to this for some time with the occasional anti-Obama screed, but the honeymoon ends with their current piece from which, surely, there is no returning. The left are really expressing pent up anger at their own failings-not Obama's. They were sold a bill of goods by the media, and they resent being hoodwinked.

In the interests of fairness, which the right is capable of, it is an understandable failing on their part. The country had gone through years of a crescendo of Bush hate, the economy had tanked, and Obama was a smooth talker-as the Wonkette screed details. And of course there was that genuine historic moment when all the wrongs of the race relations  debacle could seemingly be put right.

The mistake was assuming that the smooth talker could put the race history to rest, whilst being himself also possessed of the capabilities required to be a strong president. Obama fulfilled the first part of Dr. Martin Luther King's prescription in that he was judged favorably for the color of his skin, but the content of his character was overlooked. The striking thing in retrospect is that how such a thing was seen so clearly by those on the right, but completely misjudged through the misty eyed view of those on the left and their enablers in the media.

It is not just the extreme liberals of the likes of Wonkette who have finally had the scales fall from their eyes. Even more moderate commentators like Taylor Marsh have woken up-the readers comments are particularly instructive [e.g. "Since most real Democrats do not think it’s possible to primary BO (I for one would love to see it), the next best thing we can do is work against his re-election in any way we see fit. He should not be rewarded for getting elected under the false flag of being a Democrat."] 

From Taylor Marsh;
"These types of Democrats and progressives are willing to continue to enable the Democratic establishment, while propping up Pres. Obama to win a second term, even though he no longer represents the interests of the middle class or the poor, let alone progressives, which he was never going to do. I told you that years ago, while Obama loyalists said simply “he’s the one.” Now they’re saying, “he’s still the one,” even with proof he isn’t, which I warned he never would be." And here

What remains to be seen is how this will play out-will the left mount a primary challenge to the president, will they stay at home on election day or will a third party run on the left eventuate?

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