Wednesday, April 6, 2011

POLL;Kennedy Challenged Carter In November, What Month Will Hillary/Kucinich Challenge Obama

With the first Democratic Party challenger to President Obama now announced, just as the president announces his campaign for re-election it seems only a matter of time before he gets some serious challengers. That is if history is any guide.

With the Democratic party suffering a crisis because the then president, Jimmy Carter, had declining poll numbers Ted Kennedy decided to mount a challenge to a president seen widely as weak and infective and unable to deal with the prevailing poor economic situation and the dangerous situation in Iran.

It all seems so sadly repetitive-right down to the Dem's not being worried about the 1980 election against a right wing, "dumb", pro-life candidate in Reagan, who would stand no chance against either Kennedy or Carter in the subsequent debates.Substitute Palin for Reagan and it is a mirror image situation. 

All that is required now is a candidate to challenge Obama who is currently sitting at 45% favorable (from a high of 64.4 in 2009) in the respected Gallup Poll. It could be Hillary Clinton from the right, who is well situated, having announced she will not be available for Secretary of State again, and Dennis Kucinich from the left who has called for Obama's impeachment-or both (hopefully)

Kennedy announced in November 1979 and battled right until the votes were cast at the convention. here is your chance to advise which month Hillary and/or Dennis will announce their challenge.

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