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Don't Blame Sheen For Calling Palin "A Whore" Blame Gawker/Wonkette/MSM

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Don't Blame Sheen For Calling Palin "A Whore" Blame Gawker/Wonkette/MSM. Actually, I blame them all, and NOW and the feminists who joyfully joined the mob, and David Letterman, and Bill Maher, and the idiots on The View, and just about every left-wing blog, and I'm running out of room here.

Big Hollywood did a live blog on Charlie Sheen's one man show in Detroit during which Sheen called Sarah Palin " A whore";

"But what I will say is that I’m disappointed that Sheen, a star who I thought did everything in his power to buck the establishment, has embraced the single most pathetic cliché in Hollywood today: bagging on the mother of five with some of the most caustic words imaginable.

And even in deep-blue Detroit, he was booed for it.  Now that’s what I call Tiger Blood".
Frankly the blogger, Alexander Marlow is, I think, in error in being disappointed in Sheen for doing that, Sheen's comment being totally wrong of course, It is like being disappointed in the sun shining or the wind blowing, those things being natural follow on from expected causes. Or, in perhaps a more apt analogy, it is like blaming a zoo monkey for throwing feces at visitors.
The real people who should shoulder the blame for Sheen's outburst, and similarly, the disgusting comments about Palin by the likes of  "comedians" Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin are the denizens of the leftist blogosphere especially the execrable Gawker and Wonkette, the main stream media, and the television and Hollywood liberal elite such as Letterman, Behar and Maher.
These creatures have waged an inexorable war against Palin for over two years. No comment about her or her family-innocent children- has been two low,to barbed too disgusting not have have been aired. 

The hateful blogs such as Gawker and Wonkette have allowed utter filth to be said about Palin in their comments section even to the lengths of advocating violence against her and in fact the total murder of her entire family.
It is they who have set the backdrop for the deranged elements of the "entertainment industry" to take this, apparently acceptable, level of vitriol to its natural next level of calling her a whore- who should be 'raped by my homey's." To single out Sheen, who is simply the latest to follow the lead of those who have prepared the way is wrong. 
As misguided as he is, some leeway must be given to his personal circumstances. But there is no leeway to be allowed to those who should know better, but are pandering to the basest instincts, in order to try and destroy someone whom they see as a threat to the real, unsaid, cause of all this-their desire to have President Obama re-elected at any cost.
Surely the point has now been reached where their machinations have become self-defeating and the public will turn from them in revulsion. Hopefully their tactics will rebound on them in Palin's favor which would be the ultimate just deserts.

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