Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Newspapers "Making It Up" Yet Again "Bristol Bans Sarah From Arizona House"

The Daily Mail, quoting The National Enquirer-two really really reliable sources headline this absolute load of trash story;

"Back off mom! Newly-liberal Bristol Palin 'bans controlling mother Sarah from her home' - because she's too Republican.

The "story" includes such trash as: 

"If Sarah doesn't accept her, she isn't welcome in her home."
"The insider said: 'Bristol flat out told her that she needs to back off. She knows the only way that Sarah will stop being to controlling is to ban her from her home - because it would kill her not to get to see Tripp."

And numerous other knee-slappers-made up "quotes" hearsay and downright lies.

Here is what someone who actually lives in Maricopa (Bristols home town) has to say:

"This is totally not true. I live in the town of Maricopa where Bristol now lives. Just last night, one of my friends saw Sarah on the television and recognized the park where she was giving the interview. it was here in Maricopa. Her and her kids went to the park and watched her finish the interview and then met her. They took pictures with her as well. Sarah is staying with Bristol right now. If this was story was true then why would Sarah be here in Maricopa. This is a very small town and we do not have any hotels out here at all. The next closest town is 17 miles away. I wish you would get all of your facts straight before you print things that are not true"

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