Friday, April 8, 2011

Trump/Bachman Put Palin In Good Light-GOP In Bad

Frankly it is all very embarrassing. To see the likes of Donald Trump soaring up in the opinion polls including jumping into second place in New Hampshire is a truly sorry sight. 

This is, however, not to denigrate Mr. Trump as a person,

Most certainly he has his strong points, not least is his, almost uniquely amongst the prospective 2012 candidates, straightforward approach to describing some of the great problems facing America, and offering solutions to them, For example, he has called for import protection, taking on China over its overvalued currency, and going head to head with OPEC.

All well and good, and whether or not you agree with his thoughts on these weighty matters, at least he has the guts to talk about them. This in stark contrast to the almost invisible Mitt Romney, who seems to have adopted the "no drama Obama" style of "campaigning" being the lowest profile purportedly leading candidate I can recall.

But, frankly, the thought of Trump being the GOP standard bearer is, in these difficult times, to terrible to contemplate. The media, talk show hosts, would have a field day.The distraction that Trump's outsized personality, and frankly, what appears to be shoot from the hip demagogic comments, would be an endless distraction, and let the Obama off the hook of engaging in serious dialogue. 

All Obama would have to do would be to conduct an "above the fray" Nixon 1972 type campaign whilst Trump gave the media endless sound bites. The end result of which would most likely be one of the lowest turnout campaigns in modern election history. This would benefit the Dem's most of all as the GOP is a minority party, and needs the fullest possible turn out of their base plus Independents to win.

As for Bachman, nothing could be clearer than she is the media's latest shiny object. It is almost frightening to consider what the left  and their media enablers would do with her in the unlikely event she got the nomination. They have well learned what to do with conservative female candidates after two years of endless attacks on Palin. 

Bachman, who shares many of the views that Palin does, particularly social ones, would be the subject of tremendous media scrutiny, and who knows what might come out during an election campaign when there would be little time to rebut and repair.

Frankly again, Bachman has provided enough in the way of gaffes to give the left a running start. In the meantime, the left media are doing all they can to conjure up a "Palin/Bachman feud" where none exists, in an obvious attempt to further nullify Palin by using Bachman as their foil.

On the other hand the propelling of Trump and Bachman into such prominence has served, contrary to their expectations no doubt, to assist Palin. 

Firstly their gaffes, ludicrous positions e.g. "Birtherism" and the impossibility of their winning a presidential election has, in strong contrast, shown the steadiness, plausibility, well thought out positions and stable personality of Palin. It shows the attacks on Palin, by a partisan media to have been grossly overstated, mean spirited and, as the Bachman case clearly shows, revenue driven above all else.

Not only are the "candidacies" of Trump and Bachman an embarrassment, but so too the waste of time efforts by Santorum, Paul, and the other, more than twenty putative candidates, the media has pumped up from time to time.

The only purpose they have served is to show Palin, by contrast, to be the most tempered by media fire, sensible candidate who has the best chance of actually entering into a dialogue with the president during a campaign, as all the media diversions against her have been well canvassed.

All that being said, it is sorely to be hoped that as soon as Palin announces her candidacy, the likes of Bachman, Trump, and the myriad of no hopers quietly fold up their circus tents, and let the real campaign commence in these difficult times, which call for a candidate of Palin's experience and seriousness of intent.

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