Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Failed Obama Admin Might Incentivize Black Voters Return To Historic GOP Roots

According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel two years+ into the "great Obama recovery" we read

"Average home prices in Milwaukee County have retreated to about the same level they were at nine years ago, according to first-quarter sales figures released Monday. And in the other three metro-area counties - Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha - average sale prices for existing homes are roughly back to where they were in 2003, according to the Metro MLS Inc. statistics.
The main reason for lower average sale prices: supply and demand in an economy still burdened by high unemployment." 
At some point the inner city dwellers in the major cities must surely come to the conclusion that voting for the Democrats is not the path to a prosperous future that the ward heelers/unions have always held out it to be. This conclusion might, at some point, recommend itself to Blacks who, traditionally Republican, became Democratic Party supporters subsequent to the great migration from the south to the urban north-especially after the depression of the 1930's.
The question which might propose itself it, now that the great civil rights battles have been fought and won, perhaps it was not a necessary concomitant to support the Dem's for purported economic reasons as well as social reasons? Did the "Great Society" and the subsequent massive spending programs that followed, bring lasting benefits to the urban poor or did it create a climate of dependency? 
Where did the Black middle class come from-did they grow out of the government spending programs in general, or was it the actions of individuals who entered the marketplace, with all its associated risks of failure and gain, allied to the professional class from the Black community, which is providing a growing voice of Black Republican supporters?
The liberal commentators have created a new paradigm of endless Democratic party governments based on changing demographics, i.e. increased Hispanic and Black populations. This takes no account of the move to conservatism amongst populations as they move into the middle echelons of society, as we are seeing particularly amongst the Black community. 
It would be more than ironic that the election of a Black man as president, who subsequently headed a failed administration, could be a major propellent of substantially more Black voters into the GOP . Dr. King's immortal words that a man" should be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin" would  mark that judgement as having been made in the negative against the Obama administration. 
The  pride in the election of the first Black president having become an aspect of history, not something which would necessarily transcend future voting priorities in the economic sphere, perhaps a significant section of the Black community would look at casting off an attachment to a failed economic and social model and return to their historic roots.
As Allan Guelzo remarked in his outstanding 'Christian Science Monitor' article 

"Election 2010 surprise: rise of black Republicans.

the mere presence of Obama as the first black Democratic president may not be enough to satisfy African-American restlessness with Obama's party.

What have Democrats done for blacks lately?

With black unemployment at 15.6 percent, African-Americans are questioning what Democrats have done for them."

My sincere thanks to Adrienne Ross of the outstanding "Motivation Truth" site for her reading and providing helpful comments on this  article prior to publication.

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