Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Palin Asks(Video) President Obama-When Will You Roll Up Your Sleeves and Govern?

“Obama wrapped up a week on the campaign trail…instead of focusing on challenges facing our country, such as Libya and $5/gallon gas,” Governor Palin said tonight in a single segment interview with Greta Van Susteren from an undisclosed location.
Tonight’s interview follows in the wake of a scathing Facebook Note in which Gov. Palin took Obama to task essentially for shirking when he should be working on Libya.
“We cannot afford our commander-in-chief, our CEO to  not focus on his job," she said. “He needs to help get the economy back on track. The perception he gives on some issues is that he can’t be bothered.” Gov. Palin said if that’s the case, “government should get out of the way, don’t monetize debt, no quantitative easing and no wars we can’t afford.”
She said Obama “has been extremely inconsistent on why we’re in Libya. First, Gaddafi had to go…then it’s not our job to tell Libyans what to do do…why there? Why not Syria? What is our interest in Libya?”
Gov. Palin said “when you have a trillion-dollar deficit and $14 trillion in debt you have to be careful with the wars we engage in….We should only get involved if we’re in it to win it.” She added that we have to make sure a replacement government is not something worse than the predecessor.
“We cannot afford to be the world’s ATM and babysitter,” Gov. Palin said.
When asked how she would handle today’s high oil prices, Gov. Palin responded, “there should be no moratorium on drilling…the EPA is making it impossible for responsible drillers…there should be no subsidizing Brazil and other foreign countries’ drilling.”
Gov. Palin noted that the State of Alaska had already completed studies on whether speculation and collusion were at the root of high oil prices. The study concluded that it was a supply and demand issue. Gov. Palin said that Obama needs to work with these results and similar results from other states’ studies and support domestic drilling. She said his “hare-brained schemes” for green energy were no solution.
“A devalued dollar combined with the lack of domestic supply results in higher prices,” Gov. Palin said adding that it was a “deadly combination.”
Greta did not ask Gov. Palin about her own 2012 plans but asked her about Donald Trump’s. Gov. Palin said that she “respects what Trump is doing regarding the birth certificate and college records, and hopes that now he will force a shift in debate to other more important issues.” She added that “the media is loving this,” and they are “making curious Americans sound kind of crazy.” Gov. Palin dropped a hint that Obama’s memoir may have been co-written by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. She said there is nothing wrong with asking Obama to disclose his thesis and other college papers – not because of the grades he may have gotten – but to understand his thought process, and “what goes into his thinking.”
“It is not inappropriate to ask why our commander-in-chief would want our troops under the control of NATO….People want to be able to trust their government,” Gov. Palin said.
H/T Ron Devito at USforPalin

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