Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As Palin Polls Lift Has Wonkette Ironically Put Her In the White House?

If in January 2013 Sarah Palin lifts her right hand and starts a sentence with these four words “I do solemnly swear” as she commences her inauguration as America’s first female president then in irony beyond irony the ultra-liberal website “Wonkette” may have been the biggest contributing factor.

Since Palin’s nomination as the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate in 2008 she has been the subject of the most unrelenting, unprecedented, attacks by the left-across the whole spectrum “progressives”, mainstream, Democratic Party operatives, the media and the entertainment industry.

Some of the attacks have been on her policy and social attitudes, which is the normal cut and thrust of the political scene but they have been well in the minority. The overwhelming number of attacks on Palin has been of a personal nature-her appearance, her family, and her own children. A substantial number of these “alinsky” leftist attacks have been distortions, half truths, outright lies and, with the “Trig Truther” brigade, bordering on insanity.

There is no question that the massive weight of this unrelenting campaign has had some effect, how could it not, and Palin has seen a drop in her poll support. Part of this drop has been because she has not made a commitment to running for president in 2012 so there has been a natural dispersing of potential support towards those who have made more of a commitment, or who are the media’s latest bright shiny object e.g. Bachman and Trump.

However, it is a sensible presumption to conclude that the personal attacks, especially the gross distortion by the media of Palin’s statement on the Gifford’s tragedy, would have had some degree of effect on her poll numbers. Perhaps heartened by that, the left tried to go in for the kill.

This was undertaken by a media campaign which had as its theme that “Palin is now so insignificant that we will have an embargo any news item about her”. Then, with what seemed to be the coup de grace on what they thought was a politically mortally wounded person, the execrable blog ‘Wonkette” ran their now infamous attack on Palin’s son Trig on his birthday.

This attack on a defenceless, handicapped child, brought a firestorm of protest which even included some voices on the left it was so vicious. Apart from Wonkette losing 43 advertisers, as an enraged public launched an email blitz which told companies that if they continued to support Wonkette they would lose patronage, a most unexpected consequence-to Wonkette, and the left, took place.

With Palin maintaining, in the face of a most scurrilous attacks on her and her children, a dignified silence, (except to give a brief note of thanks to all those who so valiantly took up the cudgels for her and Trig and common decency) the wider public could see the true heart and methods of the left exposed.

The face of leftism, with the mask having slipped, was so revolting that a wave of sympathy for Palin started to build. All those leftists who, when Palin defended herself valiantly against the media assault, said she was “playing the victim” were shown to be partially right-Palin was a victim and the public could now see that for the fact it is.

Palin lifting in these recent polls:

1.In the latest Newsmax/Insider Advantage poll of Republicans they advise “Donald Trump holds a slim lead over other potential candidates in the race for the Republican presidential nomination,”

In the survey of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents completed on Monday night, 14.3 percent said they would vote for the billionaire real estate mogul if their state’s primary or caucus were held today.

(Read more on Newsmax.com: Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage Poll: Trump Gains Slim Lead in 2012 GOP Race )

2. In what even the leftist Washington Post admits is a “bump” upwards for Palin the CBS Poll/Times poll has shown an “unexpected’ lift in nationwide support for Palin from a ridiculous 19% to now 26 % which, with a drop in her unfavorables in this poll, marks a nine point shift in her favor. If even this most silly of polls-which alone amongst pollsters reporting on Palin has an “undecided” response of 16% (down from the silly 19% in the previous poll, and a ludicrous 2% listed as “not heard enough”) can show this sort of bump, then something is happening.

In what might turn out to be the greatest piece of irony, the confirmation of the rule of “unintended consequences” what was intended to be the final nail in the Palin coffin could well turn out to be the final nail in the leftist attack plan coffin. All of a sudden there has been a noticeable lift in Palin‘s polling which, if it continues could lead, inexorably to the January 2013 scenario. Hubris, schadenfreude, irony, would be insufficient to describe the result of that denouement, perhaps President Palin could come up with a new, suitable word.

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